Don't Deal With Your Family Law Case Alone

Don't Deal With Your Family Law Case Alone

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Dealing with any family law issue is stressful, but a divorce can be particularly challenging. Don’t make a major decision without consulting Randall Law Firm, PLLC first. Our lead divorce lawyer in Springdale, Arkansas can guide you and your spouse through a separation on amicable terms.

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Do you and your spouse have children? We can help you create a fair parenting plan. Our dedicated child custody lawyer in Springdale, Arkansas can help you:

  • Determine a child custody arrangement
  • File for child support and/or alimony
  • Establish a visitation schedule
  • Defend an order of protection filed against you

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Domestic Relations - Family Law

The Randall Law Firm, PLLC represents clients in a variety of family law disputes throughout the Northwest Arkansas area. Family law is an emotionally charged area of law, as court action concerning your family is understandably the most important thing going on in your life. As a mother, I can empathize with the fear and anticipation of the court deciding custody and visitation and the need for child support. I promise to treat every aspect of your case with the care and attention that it deserves. After all, it's your family. And family is all that matters.

Title 9 - Family Law
Subtitle 1 - General Provisions
Chatper 2 - Change of Name 9-2-101. Name Change -- Procedure.
Link to Statute: Title 9 - Family Law(LexisNexis website for Arkansas Code)
Text of Statute:
(a) Upon the application of any person within the jurisdiction of the court, the circuit court shall have power, upon good reasons shown, to alter or change the name of the person.
(b) When application is made to the court under this section, it shall be by petition in writing embodying the reasons for the application.
(c) (1) When allowed, the petition shall by order of the court be spread upon the record, together with the decree of the court.
(2) An appropriate order, as prescribed in this subsection, may be made by a circuit judge in vacation. This order shall have the same force and effect as if made at term time.

In Arkansas, divorces can become final in as little as 30- 45 days. If you are served with a complaint for divorce and you do not answer, then the other party may file for a default divorce. Often times the party is awarded the division of property and debt, and even child custody, if you do not respond to the complaint. To either file the complaint, which starts the divorce action, or to answer to one to keep it from going into default, call the Randall Law Firm, PLLC for a consultation.

Child Custody
I understand parental rights and will fight for you to raise your children in an appropriate environment. There are many factors a judge looks at to determine who shall receive custody of the minor children, such as who currently has the children, who is the primary caregiver, who is employed, who can demonstrate and teach morality, and who has better bonded with the children. Do not be discouraged if you are a dad, I have won custody for men before. If you need to file for custody, modification of a custody award, or are getting a divorce and custody is an issue call the Randall Law Firm, PLLC for a consultation today.

Child Support
Child Support is awarded in Arkansas to the custodial parent, which is the parent who has legal custody of the children. Typically, child support amounts are awarded according to a chart adopted by the courts. You may modify your child support order if you are no longer employed, or are employed but are not making as much money as you once were. If you need to be awarded child support for your child, or are needing to modify your existing order, contact the Randall Law Firm, PLLC to get your action started.

Visitation is awarded by the court to the biological parents of a child who do not have custody of that child. If you need to establish visitation with your child, or want to modify an existing visitation Order with your child you need an attorney to help you navigate the courts. If your child's other parent is trying to establish or modify visitation and you oppose you also need an attorney to be your voice as to why in court. Let the Randall Law Firm, PLLC help you.

I have experience in both Step-Parent adoptions and adoptions between those individuals who have no family relation. A step-parent adoption can be completed in as little as two months if the biological parent has never seen the child, has not sent child support and/or has abandoned the child.

Paternity covers circumstances where two individuals have a child together, but were never married. Often paternity is established through a Support Order, where the mother is asking the state of Arkansas for help obtaining child support. In the Support Order the father is found to be the biological father and ordered to pay child support. This can be retroactive to the child's birth and expenses of birth. Visitation is not automatically granted when child support is ordered.

Occasionally, a mother does not seek child support and the father needs paternity established so that he may assert his rights and start child support before it accumulates. Paternity determinations by the Court are the first step to obtaining visitation or custody of a child. We help both mother's and father's in establishing paternity and determining what is best for the minor child. The Randall Law Firm, PLLC can help you establish paternity and exercise your right to visitation and/or custody of your child.

Name Changes
  • Changing your, or your child's, legal name can be confusing in Arkansas. In Arkansas, you file the name change petition in the Circuit Court of the county in which you live. These are granted liberally. To change your child's name you must show the judge that it is in the best interest of the child.
  • Name Change Statute